07 July 2011

Stone Country Dimensions 1

Arrived in Darwin to bushfires filling the sky.  Back in the Territory.  Four little walkabouts on the Arnhem Plateau in Kakadu National Park since then and some imagery is long overdue.  Days in the field have passed counting trees and shrubs, getting species jumbled in my head.  But spending plenty quiet moments too, getting lost in the colors and textures of the Stone Country.  I've finally invested in a lens that can capture something of it (Pentax DA 35mm macro).  Rather than the play-by-play story of field adventures (and endless landscape shots), here's a handful of fotos exploring the Stone Country's inner dimension....  

Lithomyrtus cordata
Eucalyptus alba (?)

Grevillea liko

plant hopper

Arnhem sandstone

Myrsine sp.

Jacksonia remota

assassin bug

Urtricularia fulva

Boronia grandisepala

friendly face

Pityrodia quadrangulata

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Mom said...

Amazing photos. can't wait until Dad has time to look at them. The lens was well worth it!!! 143