29 April 2010

Cradle Mountain Morning, February 2010

This little set of photos stood out on its own. An austral summer morning in the Tasmanian highlands. I've been here over 9 months - much too long for these to be the first images I've posted here on gonzo ecology. As you can see, Cradle Mountain National Park is a spellbinding place - and this scene happened just 5 minutes out our cabin door. I promise more to follow soon...

**all photos shot with Pentax k10


Tony said...

Great photos. We went to Cradle Mountain on our honeymoon. That was 14 years ago & we haven't been back since but it was a beautiful place to stay & relax for a few days.
We stayed in one of the spa cabins. We left a window open when we went down to the lodge for tea & a few drinks. When we came back there were several possums in our cabin that had forced their way through the flyscreen. ate our bread & bag of choc-coated honeycomb. We had quite an ordeal getting the feisty critters back out again.

clay said...

possums are cheeky (but very cute). the biggest attraction up there is the high chances of seeing very cool critters.